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The Port Douglas - Mossman Lodge has had a evolutionary past in that there were two lodges in the district and with decreasing brethren numbers came amalgamation.

Douglas Lodge
In 1883, Brethren from English, Scottish, Irish, Canadian and Queeensland Constitutions met to form a Lodge in Port Douglas.  The first Lodge was Douglas Lodge No. 2052 holden under the English Constitution and the Installation of the first Master, Wor.Bro. R Davison, was on 11 December, 1883.

The first change was to Port Douglas Lodge No. 27 Q.G.L. and then to Port Douglas Lodge No. 40H U.G.L.Q. on 14 April, 1922.  At that time there were two "Douglas" Lodges and as such Grand Lodge decided to rename our Lodge "Port Douglas".

Mossman Lodge
On 1 May, 1910, a meeting was convened by Bro. R.D. Rex (later to become Rt.Wor.Bro R.D. Rex O.B.E.) to endeavour to establish a new Lodge in Mossman.  The Inauguration and Consecration of the Mossman Lodge No. 3495 E.C. was held in the Coronation Hall in Mossman on 20 September, 1910.  This hall was supplied free for meetings, (until destroyed by cyclone) by Wor.Bro. R Lunn.  The Lodge was renumbered in 1921 to Mossman Lodge No. 201 U.G.L.Q.  The initial Master was Wor.Bro. G.W. Muntz.

Port Douglas - Mossman Lodge
After a meeting of delegates from Port Douglas and Mossman Lodges in 1935, a petition to District Grand Lodge seeking amalgamation of the two Lodges was successful.  The amalgamated Lodge became the present day Port Douglas - Mossman Lodge No. 40H. and the first installation was held on 16 September, 1936 with Wor.Bro. J Cabassi as the newly installed Master of the Lodge.

The present Lodge Temple, which replaced the original building, was erected by voluntary labour of Lodge Brethren.  Construction began on  1 June, 1957 and was completed on 14 April, 1958, the day of the Consecration.